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Most of the in-game armor is Common Armor (wearable by all classes).
Any specific Priest Armor will be listed here.


Image Level Name Stats
Common Small Shield 1 Small Shield
Common Small Shield
PhysDef 8, MagDef 6
Wooden Shield 20 Wooden Shield
PhysDef 17, MagDef 12
Round Bronze Shield 30 Round Bronze Shield PhysDef 26, MagDef 18
Large Shield 40 Large Shield PhysDef 37, MagDef 26
Spiked Shield 50 Spiked Shield PhysDef 48, MagDef 35
Kite Shield 60 Kite Shield PhysDef 61, MagDef 43
Tower Shield 70 Tower Shield PhysDef 75, MagDef 53
Giant Shield 80 Giant Shield PhysDef 90, MagDef 63
Safety Shield 90 Safety Shield PhysDef 106, MagDef 75
Ancient Shield 100 Ancient Shield PhysDef 123, MagDef 87
Sacred Shield 110 Sacred Shield PhysDef 141, MagDef 100
Neo Shield 115 Neo Shield PhysDef 150, MagDef 106
120 Wrestler Shield

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