Copper Ore 2
Copper Ore 2


Also available: Copper Ore (Ingredient)


Update : This Item was removed along with Skill College and Drill Grounds from godswars.

Produced on the Isle of Cyprus and in wide use militarily.
Greek cities who are short on copper ore must purchase them.

Please donate this to your main city, in order to build or update the drill ground or skill college.
You can do this by pressing <g> (Guild window), go to the faction tab (last one) and select on the left side either drill ground or skill college. Then click on the donate button on the right side and enter the amount you want to donate.

A drill ground will give you exp when you are online in the main city.
A skill college wil give you tp (talent points) when you are online in the main city.
The amount of exp or tp will depend on the level of drill ground or skill college.

Trade ValueEdit

None, but can be traded

Who sells itEdit

What drops itEdit

Athens side Sparta side

Discontinued Monsters
Crispy Wood Man,Little Deer,Little Snake,Little Crocodile,Witch


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