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Overview WristsEdit

Physical Defense StatsEdit

Image Level Name Stats
Light Sleeves 10 Light Sleeves
PhysDef 8
Heavy Bracers 20 Heavy Bracers PhysDef 17
Enchased Cuffs 30 Enchased Cuffs PhysDef 26
Hammer Bracelets 40 Hammer Bracelets PhysDef 37
Chain Bracelets 50 Chain Bracelets
PhysDef 48
Hauberk Cuffs 60 Hauberk Cuffs PhysDef 61
Bronze Cuffs 70 Bronze Cuffs PhysDef 75
Silver Sleeves 80 Silver Sleeves PhysDef 90
90 Steel Cuffs PhysDef
Scale Armguards 100 Scale Armguards PhysDef 123
105 Military Bracers PhysDef
Soldier Armguards 110 Soldier Armguards PhysDef 141
Sunshine Bracers 115 Sunshine Bracers
PhysDef 150
120 Burning Bracers PhysDef

Magical Defense StatsEdit

Image Level Name
Flax Sleeves 10 Flax Sleeves
Common Flax Sleeves
MagDef 6
Cotton Sleeves 20 Cotton Sleeves MagDef 12
Silk Sleeves 30 Silk Sleeves MagDef 18
Weird Sleeves 40 Weird Sleeves
MagDef 26
Barky Sleeves 50 Barky Sleeves MagDef 35
Phoenician Cuffs 60 Phoenician Cuffs MagDef 43
Icy Sleeves 70 Icy Sleeves MagDef 53
Bard Sleeves 80 Bard Sleeves MagDef 63
90 Exalted Sleeves MagDef
Arachne Sleeves 100 Arachne Sleeves MagDef 87
105 Soul Sleeves MagDef
Envoy Sleeves 110 Envoy Sleeves MagDef 100
Flame Sleeves 115 Flame Sleeves MagDef 106
120 Archon Sleeves MagDef

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